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7. We are happy to report that our Food Vendors are at capacity. Only Food Vendors that have been approved will be a provided a code to register for this year's event.

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ViVa! Vienna! 2024

Policies for Participation by Sponsors, Vendors, and Organizations

The policies set forth below apply to all Vendors, sponsors, and organizations participating in ViVa! Vienna! 2024 (henceforth named ViVa! Vienna! or Festival). All participants must comply with all policies set forth by the organizer (Vienna Rotary Club), Town of Vienna ordinances and tax laws, and all Fairfax County Health Department and Fairfax County Office of the Fire Marshall requirements.

Failure to abide by these policies may result in removal from the Festival space without refund of fees paid. The Festival Chairman has the final authority for interpreting and enforcing these rules in the Festival area.

  1. 1. Participants must abide by all Festival Policies, Town of Vienna Ordinances, and the laws of Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  2. 2. Vendor applications will not be processed without payment in full at the time of application. Payment may be made by credit card only.
  3. 3. The Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse any application from an organization or Vendor to participate in the Festival, and to limit the quantity of certain types of Vendors.
  4. 4. The Festival Committee reserves the right to place Vendors in any booth location in the Festival area. Vendors may be placed adjacent to or near another Vendor who provides the same or similar product or service.
  5. 5. The Festival Committee reserves the right to expel any person or persons who fail to abide by these policies or whose conduct or dress is not appropriate for the Festival activities. Acceptance of an application and payment of the fee commits the Vendor or Organization to follow all Festival policies without recourse to any outside authority.
  6. 6. Vendors will only be allowed to sell the type of items identified on their registration form. No Vendor may sell water unless they are also selling food. No Vendor (non-food or food) may sell any alcoholic beverage of any kind.
  7. 7. Food Vendors can only sell the food items specified on their application at the price listed. No additional items can be added without the express approval of the Festival Chairman. A Festival representative can ask for a price list at any time and compare that list to items being sold.
  8. 8. Food Vendors must also adhere to the following:
    • • Have a K class fire extinguisher on site.

    • • All tents/canopies must be fire retardant.

    • • Must submit a copy of their food truck permit or Fairfax County Department of Health Temporary Food Permit with their registration and have it on site the days of the Festival. (The health department will be inspecting.)

    • • Must make use of gray water tanks and grease collection containers on site.

    • • Must ensure all propane tanks are properly secured.

    • • Must register AND pay meals tax to the town of Vienna at this link.

  9. 9. The Festival Committee reserves the right to request the Vendor to remove any item from display or sale that, in the opinion of the Festival Chairman, is obscene, offensive, or inappropriate for display. By participating in the Festival, the Vendor leaves all discretion for the items to be displayed and sold to the Festival management and has no right of appeal or legal recourse at the time or in the future.
  10. 10. Each Vendor will be given a check-in time, along with the assigned booth space number. No Vendor can change booth spaces - no exceptions. Any questions regarding booth assignment should be directed to the Festival Chairman.
  11. 11. Any Vendor arriving after the check-in booth is closed will not be granted access to the area without the express authorization of the Festival Chairman.
  12. 12. All Vendor spaces are approximately 10X10 foot square. Sponsor booth and food vendor booth spaces vary in size; however, each space is designated by markings on the parking lot surface.
  13. 13. Each participant must provide their own booth set up including tent or canopy, tables, chairs, back drops, and stands. Nothing may be installed that projects beyond the designated Vendor space, for example canopies, overhangs, banners, etc. Please note that electricity will not be available.
  14. 14. Vendors agree to assume all liabilities for damages caused by their use of a generator (if applicable).
  15. 15. Areas must always be kept neat and clean. Dispose of your trash properly.
  16. 16. Vendors may not solicit, approach festival attendees, engage in product giveaways or samples, or distribute literature outside of their assigned booth space. There shall be no roaming marketers of any sort for any Vendor.
  17. 17. A Vendor desiring to provide any free products or services (for example, face painting, sand art, balloons, water giveaway, etc.) must obtain permission from the Festival Chairman prior to the Festival.
  18. 18. The sale of live animals is prohibited. The sale of anything that shoots a projectile of any sort is prohibited. Sound amplification devices such as, but not limited to, speakers, bullhorns, microphones or karaoke type machines are prohibited.
  19. 19. Any participant who plans to hold a raffle or drawing must get permission from and adhere to any additional rules set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  20. 20. Parking is not allowed on Cherry Street or in the Vienna Elementary parking lot.
  21. 21. There will be no rain date or refunds made in case of rain, bad weather, or unforeseen emergencies. In case of inclement weather, emergency, or safety contingency beyond the control of the Festival Committee, the Festival will be closed for the necessary time until conditions allow reopening. Any decision to close or cancel the Festival for the day or the remainder of the Festival rests solely with the Festival General Chairman. In case of any emergency, Vendors will be required to evacuate the area. During an emergency there will no vehicular traffic in the festival area. Vendor may choose to secure their area and/or hand truck out items they do not wish to leave behind.
  22. 22. The Festival Committee; The Rotary Club of Vienna and the Town of Vienna will not be liable for any damages to any vehicles, merchandise, property or person of any volunteer, Vendor, sponsor or organization participating in the Festival.
  23. 23. All Vendor staff and employees and all organization volunteers must be appropriately dressed (no cut off shirts and pants or bare feet or display any obscene or inflammatory writings on clothing or in booths). All persons staffing booths or food Vendor areas should emphasize courtesy and service. Any violation may result in a request for the person to leave the Festival area, and if necessary, the booth may be closed.
  24. 24. No smoking is allowed anywhere within the Festival grounds. This includes in the Vendor booths, food booths, and inside food trucks.
  25. 25. Any requests for information, assistance, or resolution of issues should be directed to the Festival Information Tent staff. Decisions regarding registration and booth assignment are at the discretion of the Festival Chairman. The Festival Chairman will resolve any major issues or disagreements.
  26. 26. Vendors must assume responsibility for, and agree to indemnify and hold The Rotary Club of Vienna, The Town of Vienna and their respective officers, owners, employees and agents harmless from liability or expense, including governmental charges or fines and attorney's fees, in connection with any and all claims, demands and causes of action, created by, arising out of or resulting from:
    • (i) Vendor installation, removal and maintenance of space and supplies;

    • (ii) any goods, products, samples or souvenirs;

    • (iii) Vendor activities at the Festival and occupancy or use of the festival grounds or any part thereof.

  27. 27. Vendor warrants that it has and shall maintain in full force and effect through May 31, 2024, comprehensive general liability insurance, with coverage including personal injury, broad form property damage, contractual liability, operations hazard, and products liability, in limits of not less than $1,000,000 which insurance specifically covers all Vendor activities on or off site of the festival grounds and related to Festival.
  28. 28. The Rotary Club of Vienna requires each food Vendor to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming The Rotary Club of Vienna Virginia (PO Box 545 Vienna, VA 22183) as certificate holders.
  29. 29. The Rotary Club of Vienna reserves the right to update or change these Policies for Participation by Sponsors, Vendors and Organizations at any time without notice to the sponsors, Vendors or participants.

By checking this box, I AGREE to the Vendor Policies which can be viewed here.


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